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Live Updates: Millions of Palestinians Join General Strike

India's Doctors and Medical Workers Face Danger and Trauma

Health care workers assembling at a naval hospital in Mumbai earlier this month.

Why Are Colombians Protesting?

Protesters in Bogotá, the capital, after days of unrest.

Capri — First Choice of the Jet Set — Gets First Dibs on Vaccines

Workers walking by a “Capri Covid Free” billboard from the ferry they took from Naples last week in Capri, Italy.

Japan Is Shaken After a Detainee, Wasting Away, Dies Alone in Her Cell

A photo of Wishma Rathnayake on a small altar in Akemi Mano’s home, in Tsushima, Japan. Ms. Rathnayake died while in detention after having overstayed her visa in Japan.

Nottingham’s Dilemma: Robin Hood or High Tech?

The Broadmarsh shopping center in Nottingham, England, is being demolished after redevelopment plans stalled during the pandemic. Shops in the streets beyond are still thriving.

For Hong Kong’s Domestic Workers During Covid, Discrimination Is Its Own Epidemic

Domestic workers on their day off, in Victoria Park in Hong Kong. The city has one of the world’s highest densities of migrant domestic workers, mainly from the Philippines and Indonesia.

Claims From an Organized Crime Boss Rock Turkey’s Government

Organized crime boss Sedat Peker in Istanbul in 2014.

The New Arab Street: Online, Global and Growing

A bomb falling on Gaza City on Monday.

Biden Supports Israel-Gaza Cease-Fire, as Fighting Rages Into Second Week

A home in Gaza City that was bombed by Israeli warplanes on Monday.

Covid Live Updates: U.S. Help Is Falling Short in Global Vaccine Drive, Experts Say

Israeli-Palestinian Conflict: What to Know About the Latest Violence

A coffee shop at the edge of the Gaza Strip was targeted by an Israeli aircraft on Monday.

Democrats, Growing More Skeptical of Israel, Pressure Biden

Senator Jon Ossoff, a Jewish Democrat from Georgia, led a call for both Israelis and Palestinians to lay down their weapons.

Spain Turns to Corruption Rehab for Officials Who Can’t Stop Stealing

Carlos Alburquerque, at the prison in Córdoba, said he hoped to repair the damage he had caused by embezzling public funds.

Spain Sends Troops to African Enclave After Migrant Crossings Jump

Migrants on the shore in the Spanish enclave of Ceuta on Tuesday. More people have crossed this week than in all the rest of the year so far.

The West End's Comeback: London Theater Reopens

Tokyo Olympics: Japanese Poll Finds 83% Oppose Summer Games

A protest against the Olympics in Tokyo on Monday. The Games are still scheduled to start July 23.

Darwin’s Arch, a Famed Rock Formation in the Galápagos, Collapses

Darwin’s Arch collapsed due to natural corrosion in the Galapagos Islands on May 18, 2021.

Airstrike Damages Gaza's Only Covid-19 Testing Lab, Officials Say

Strikes damaged buildings including one that housed the health authorities in Gaza City on Monday.

Israel vs. Hamas

People siting in the rubble of a bombed house in Gaza yesterday.

Gaza Faces Humanitarian Catastrophe With Shortages of Water and Medicine

Palestinian families taking shelter in a United Nations school in Rafah, southern Gaza, on Monday.

Japan’s yo-yoing economy shrinks as the virus spreads and vaccinations lag.

A shopping arcade in the Asakusa area of Tokyo. Japan’s economy, the world’s third largest, shrank 1.3 percent during the January-to-March period.

Eight days, over 200 dead: Explore the current Israeli-Palestinian conflict.

Biden Administration Clears 3 Guantánamo Detainees for Release

The entrance to Camp Delta at Guantánamo Bay, Cuba, in 2010. Some of the detainees who have been cleared for release have been waiting for a decade for another country to agree to take them.

Japan’s Yo-Yoing Economy Shrinks as Virus Spreads and Vaccinations Lag

Some stores are temporarily closed in Tokyo amid a recent surge in Covid-19 cases.

Biden Dips Into U.S. Vaccine Supply to Send 20 Million Doses Abroad

“We know America will never be fully safe until the pandemic that’s raging globally is under control,” President Biden said on Monday.

Biden Voices Support for a Cease-fire in a Call With Israel’s Netanyahu

President Biden with Vice President Kamala Harris on Monday. The president “expressed his support for a cease-fire” in the Israeli-Palestinian conflict during a call with Israel’s prime minister, the White House said.

Your Tuesday Briefing

A Palestinian man reacts to the death of his father who was killed by an Israeli airstrike.

Palestinian activists are calling for a general strike in Gaza, the West Bank and Israel.

An Israeli Mk-84 2,000 pound air-dropped bomb, which did not explode, on Monday in the center of Gaza City.

In China, Apple Compromises on Censorship and Surveillance

The entrance to Apple’s new data center, which the company hoped to complete next month.

N.J. Removes Remote School Option Next Year

Students participated in a fourth grade class at James Monroe Elementary School in Edison, N.J. while their classmates watched remotely in November.

They Live in the U.S., but They’re Not Allowed to Come Home

Yogesh Kumar and his daughter, Saanvi Kumar, outside their home in Hendersonville, Tenn. They were separated from Payal Raj during a trip to India.

South Africa Vaccine Rollout Expands to People 60 and Older

South Africa opened vaccinations to everyone 60 and older on Monday.  

N.Y. to Adopt C.D.C. Guidelines on Masks for the Vaccinated

Midtown Manhattan on Friday, one day after the C.D.C. issued guidance saying that it was no longer necessary for fully vaccinated people to mask or maintain social distance in many settings.

Lockdown Eased in England, for Now, at Least

Restaurant diners in Soho, London, last month. Indoor dining became permitted again on Monday.

U.S. to Donate 20 Million Doses for Global Vaccination Effort

N.Y.C. schools face key decisions before fully reopening this fall.

A student last month in Brooklyn. Many parents continue to express frustration with the pace and structure of school reopenings in New York.

Israel is targeting Hamas naval forces. So what can Hamas do by sea?

Troops during an exercise by Hamas and other Palestinian factions in Gaza City in December.

With Official Housing Scant, French People Open Their Homes to Migrants

The Sanogo family arriving to spend the night at a French family’s home in a southeastern suburb of Paris.

New York’s subway is back to 24-hour service.

A subway station in Harlem in the early hours of Monday. The United States’ busiest transit system returned to full screeching service early Monday after more than a year of overnight closings for cleaning.

An Updated Covid Guide

Dining in Los Angeles.

England takes a big step toward normality with indoor dining, museum openings and some travel.

An early pint indoors at a pub in London on Monday.

Glimpses of a Soviet Ghost Town on an Arctic Norwegian Isle

The dusty entrance to Pyramiden’s chemical plant.

In Taliban-Controlled Areas, Afghan Girls Are Fleeing for an Education

Female high school students inside Marshal Dostum School, where over two dozen girls from Darzab and Qosh Tepa districts study.

Tel Aviv, Israel’s Bustling Financial Hub, Is Shaken as Rockets Rain Down

Beachgoers run toward shelters in Tel Aviv on Saturday after rockets were fired from Gaza.

India's Black Market Preys on Desperate Covid-19 Victims

Unloading oxygen canisters, a precious commodity in India, at a New Delhi hospital this month.

Grief Mounts as Efforts to Ease Israel-Hamas Fight Falter

A Palestinian man who survived an Israeli airstrike in Gaza on Sunday mourned the loss of his wife and three children.

Your Monday Briefing

A bomb hits the Jala Tower during an Israeli airstrike in Gaza city May 15, 2021

Unvaccinated People Are Most at Risk by Unmasking, C.D.C. Director Says

Dr. Rochelle P. Walensky during a Senate Health, Education, Labor and Pensions Committee hearing last week.

Israel and Hamas Fighting Raises Questions about War Crimes

A Palestinian boy in front of the ruins  of his house in Gaza City on Friday after it was destroyed in an Israeli airstrike.

Bleachers collapsed inside a crowded synagogue, injuring more than 100.

Ultra-Orthodox Jewish men and children gathering at the scene where a grandstand seating at a synagogue collapsed in the West Bank settlement of Givat Zeev on Sunday.

Tens of Thousands Evacuated in India Ahead of Cyclone Tauktae

Fishermen secure their boats in a village near Mumbai on Sunday, ahead of Cyclone Tauktae. 

Netanyahu says there is no clear end in sight, and airstrikes begin again.

Palestinian civil defense men search for people in the rubble of a destroyed building after an Israeli air strike in Gaza City on Sunday.

Israel Carried Out Deadly Airstrike on Gaza

A building on fire in Gaza City following an Israeli airstrike overnight.

A Scratched Hint of Ancient Ties Stirs National Furies in Europe

An archaeological excavation in the Czech Republic at Lany, near the border with Austria, a few yards from where a bone scratched with Germanic runes was found. 

Israel’s Gaza Strikes May Cause Covid Surge, U.N. Warns

A staff member of the World Health Organization receives a Covid vaccine in March in Gaza City.

In pictures: A wave of violence grips the Middle East.